I recently did some model work for Sorbet Man. This is part of their “Real Men Groom” campaign. The looks were manly and trendy, very metrosexual but relaxed and understated and showing a few options that varied from comfortable jeans and T-shirt wear to more stylish, whilst illustrating the guys with their well-maintained beards. All of this was set against a rough brick wall background which reinforced the rough understated atmosphere. The interaction amongst the guys was fun and produced some great photos.

I also did a few shots which were more fun and quirky for Sorbet Man gift cards, just in time for Father’s Day in June a few weekends ago. The Father’s Day package was ideal for guys to unwind at the Sorbet Man store in Sandton whilst enjoying a drink and some manly pampering to get groomed and looking great!

The photos were taken by photographer Kevin Mark-Pass and I had great fun working with him again. Kevin knows just how to make everyone feel at ease and capture the best shots. He managed to get some good looks from me – varying from serious to more quirky in a variety of clothing styles. He clicks away amongst the madness of models, stylists and directors with some great tunes playing in the background.

It was such a pleasure to work with the team and everyone from Sorbet. The team worked seamlessly to get me ready for the various looks. I always love the behind the scenes talking and getting to know the stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists and crew whilst having a few cups of good coffee. And of course seeing some familiar faces from previous shoots.

Overall it was a fun and adventurous day in front of the camera, and I am thrilled to add these pics to my portfolio of work! See more of the pics in my gallery. The campaign is live and can be seen on www.sorbet.co.za/sorbet-man and on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sorbet-Man/1521529004728678


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